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Automotive LED ManufacturerMany of the world’s best cars and trucks utilize Indak components. Indak has the expertise and experience to meet your electrical and electronic product requirements.

LED Lighting

Indak is the leader in automotive LED assemblies. Indak LEDs are used for interior and exterior courtesy lighting. instrument panels, PRNDLs, CHMSLs, headlight surrounds, side markers, turn signal indicators, tail and stop lights. LEDs have revolutionized automotive Lighting design. Indak is proud to have been a pioneer in this technology.


Automotive LED Assemblies

Switches and Controls

Indak has been supplying high-current automotive switches for over 60 years.

We can provide the sound, feel (haptics), lighting, and the cosmetic perfection that the automotive industry demands today.

One of our specialties is HVAC systems. We control blower speeds with either potentiometers or with discrete-position switches and high-current resistors. Mode and temperature functions are handled with potentiometers and electronics. We offer complete modules and individual components.


Automotive Controls Manufacturer