INDAK has been supplying high-current switches to the
Automotive Industry for over 60 years

INDAK can provide the sound, feel (haptics), lighting, and the cosmetic perfection that the automotive industry demands today

HVAC Controls

Blower speeds are controlled with either potentiometers or with discrete switches and high-current resistors. Mode and temperature functions can be handled with potentiometers, electronics or Can Bus microprocessor controllers. We offer complete modules and individual components.

Automatic Temperature Controls
Custom Design or off the shelf design, Programming, Electronics, Switches, Complete Assembly, and 100% Test.

Manual HVAC Controls
Custom Design, Molded Plastics, Insert Molding, Stamping, Switches, Electronics, Wire Cable, Complete Assembly, and 100% Test.

HVAC with Electronics
Custom Design, Molded Plastics, Insert Molding, Electronics, Complete Assembly, and 100% Test.


  • Blower Switches

  • Vacuum Switches

  • Vacuum Electric Switches

  • Brake/Park Interlock Switches

  • Decorative Automotive Switches

  • Dash & Steering Wheel Controls


  • Accelerate by wire

  • Pedal and Seat



Indak has worked with LED Displays since the early 1980’s.
Our first application was automotive clocks. By the late 1990’s,
we were back-lighting display and building LED turn signal
indicators into side view mirrors for cars and trucks.

INDAK specializes in the design of interior and exterior LED illumination for automotive and commercial applications. Indak is an experienced LED System Integrator, with expertise in color binning…driver design and thermal management.

LED PCB Assemblies

LED Applications

Tail Lights * Stop Lights * Turn Signals * Running Lights * Side Markers

Side View Mirrors * Illumination Lights * Interior and Exterior Lights * Storage Pockets * Courtesy Lights * Gearshift Indicators


Highway, Parking Lot, and Outdoor LED Safety Lighting


INDAK Manufacturing produces “Key Switches, Plunger Switches”, designed for a variety of applications and conditions experienced in Outdoor Environments.
We can provide standard switches, or custom designed, tested for your specific application at a competitive price.

Switches – Resistors – Gauges – Control Modules

INDAK offers Key Switches, Rotary, Toggle & Push Button Switches, Resistors, Gauges,
and Instrument Display Control Modules.
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Indak has over 30 years of experience in (DFM) Design For Manufacturability,
(PCB) Printed Circuit Board Design, Compete Product Design,
Assembly and Testing


Techny Plastics was founded in 1972 to supply INDAK Manufacturing with thermoplastic parts. Techny specializes in Thermoplastic Injection, Molding, Insert Molding, Pad Printing and Thermoform Packaging.
Our production molding capabilities include vertical and horizontal presses, ranging from 75 ton to 300 ton capacity. Our mold design expertise includes knowledge of mold cooling, sub-gating, hot runner systems, in-mold decorating and insert molding. Secondary operation include Pad Printing, Assembly and packaging.
We are experienced with a wide range of thermal plastic materials but we specialize in glass filled Nylons, Acetals, ABS, Acrylics, Polycarbonates and Thermoplastic Elastomers.
Automotive color, texture and gloss standards are tough but Indak has been able to consistently meet these challenges for 47 years. We strive to continually improve our process controls to reduce variation and improve cosmetic appearance.

Indak offer Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Insert Molding,
Pad Printing, and Thermoform Packaging.
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All are designed to be efficient, long lasting, easy to install, and will provide pleasing color and intensity with minimum shadowing.

Many Indak LED lighting products are custom-designed for
our customer’s specific needs. We have designed
LED lighting for a variety of markets.

Automotive * Outdoor Power Equipment * Lawn & Garden * Aircraft/Marine * Parking Lots/Roadways
Healthcare & Safety * Medical * Consumer Electronics * Food Services * Industrial LED Lighting