Manufacturing Capabilities

Indak’s electronic manufacturing services include surface mount PCB assembling, conformal coating, potting, selective soldering, laser marking, and a full range of qualifying test capabilities such as automated optical inspection, X-Ray Inspection, and our patented thru-hole optical inspection process.
In addition, we design and build our semi automated and automated assembly and testing equipment. Because we own a plastics molding, stamping and spring coiling facilities, we can manufacture many of the parts used, allowing us to offer competitive pricing and maintain consistent on time delivery.

PCB Production

INDAK manufactures over 12 million electronic and electromechanical assemblies yearly
ranging from simple PCB boards with few placements to full HVAC controls.

  • (8) Surface Mount Lines

  • (9) AOI Systems

  • (2) Juki Selective Solder Lines

  • (8) Wave Lines

  • (8) PVA Conformal Coaters

  • (2) Conformal Coat Dip Tanks

  • (3) PCB Routers

  • (4) Robotic Soldering Stations

  • (2) 3D Solder Paste Camera Systems

Secondary PCB Production

  • Conformal Coating

  • Potting

  • X-Ray Inspection

  • Laser Serialization

  • Traceability

  • Mechanical Assembly

  • Box Builds

Automated Inspection

In-line Automated Optical Inpection. In-line 3D Solder Paste Inspection. Production LED Color and Intensity Inspection

RoHS Compliant Soldering

– Wave Line Solder

– Surface Mount Solder

– Fountain Solder

– Selective Solder

Electromechanical Assembly

Indak’s manufacturing and assembly engineers are involved in product design from each project’s inception, to insure design for manufacturability and defect-free production. Processes and assembly fixtures are Poka-yoke, checks are made internally within assembly fixtures, and vision systems are employed to detect discrepancies. Our focus is on preventing errors before a product is built, not detecting non-conforming assemblies at end-of-line. At Indak, quality is everyone’s job, not just final inspection.

Stamping & Harness Solutions

Plastic Injection Molding

We have vertical and horizontal presses, ranging from 75 ton to 300 ton capacity. Our mold design expertise includes knowledge of mold cooling, sub-gating, hot runner systems, in-mold decorating, insert molding and pad printing.
An Indak specialty is precision molding to exceptional cleanliness standards, for use in vacuum systems and other systems requiring high cleanliness. Various packaging types available to suit your needs.

Indak offers Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Insert Molding,
Pad Printing, and Thermoform Packaging.
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