Indak Design Engineering

Indak is the industry leader in mechanical, tactile, audible, electrical, thermal, optical and illumination design and testing. Indak has always been a design-driven company. Most of our products have been designed in conjunction with our customers for specific applications.

Our philosophy is to work “designer to designer” directly with our customers’ engineers to reduce development time and to produce the best possible product.

We excel in the design of mechanical devices, including molded plastic parts, metal stampings, extrusions, and mechanical assemblies – and we also design molds, dies and the assembly tools to put them all together.

We have in-house lab equipment for mechanical vibration, thermal shock, humidity, salt fog and dust testing.

Indak’s electronics capabilities include circuit design, LED thermal management, software and hardware design. Our lighting development labs have equipment for measuring luminance, chromaticity, spectral radiance, color coordinate and color temperature measurements.

Indak’s model shops can quickly prototype our designs or yours for evaluation and testing. We have in-house capabilities to take a mechanical concept to a computer model and machine a sample part – all in a matter of hours. Electronic concepts can go from a concept to a schematic to a PCB layout to a functional PCB board – sometimes all in the same day.

2-meter Photometric Integrating Sphere

2-meter Photometric Integrating Sphere

Automotive LED assemblies

Automotive LED Assemblies

Prototype heat sink for an LED assembly

Prototype Heat Sink for an LED Assembly

LED assembly with lenses

LED Assembly with Lenses

Custom PCB assemblies for various applications

Custom PCB Assemblies for Various Applications

Automotive HVAC Controls

Automotive HVAC Controls