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Evolution of The INDAK Group

Indak Manufacturing Corporation

Indak Manufacturing Corporation was formed in 1947 by brothers-in-law Jesse Cobb and John Soreng. With help from Soreng Products Corporation, a manufacturer of solenoids, appliance controls and switches, Indak started producing automotive switches.

In the 1950’s high current blower switches became an Indak specialty. Demand for multiple blower speeds inspired Indak to design and manufacture switches and blower speed control resistors as an alternative to two-speed blower motors.

Indak also pioneered key switches for lawn tractors, and we are still the industry leader. Other lawn and garden products include high current plunger and accessory switches and electronic controls.

In 1962, due to rapidly growing sales, Indak formed Piedmont Automotive Products in Clarkesville, Georgia. Piedmont assembled products for Indak, and eventually began manufacturing component parts. Piedmont grew so quickly that in 1964 Southern Switches was established in nearby Dahlonega, GA to follow Piedmont’s example. Today Piedmont and Southern continue to manufacture millions of switches, resistors, and electronic products each year.

As Indak products became more sophisticated, molded plastic parts became integral parts of our designs. Techny Plastics was started in 1972, to supply Indak with plastics. Today Techny molds over 25,000 parts per day.

In the 1980’s, Indak began production of complete automotive climate control assemblies, including blower switches, vacuum switches, decorating and lighting.

By the early 1990’s automotive switches and climate controls were rapidly gaining electronic content. Indak responded to our customer’s needs by acquiring Borg Instruments. Borg’s electronics expertise greatly expanded The Indak Group’s capabilities.

Today The INDAK Group has integrated high current switching and mechanical assembly expertise with electronics design and manufacturing capabilities resulting in a broad customer base and a diverse range of products.